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Publishing at the Institute is very active. The journal "Informatica e diritto", has occupied for almost thirty years a place of extraordinary scholarly importance in the fields of Legal Informatics and Computer and Law. Monographic production, apart from various works published for different editors, has for the last few years been concentrating in the Institute Series (divided into two distinct parts ("Studi e documenti" and "CD"), whilst a second series is dedicated specifically to "Indici lessicali del diritto" ["Law Lexical indexes].

The ITTIG has, in the last few years, been heavily involved in the creation and personalization of software products, aimed in part at the management of databases created by the IDG, and in part as autonomous products offered to legislators, civil servants and practitioners of law.

The Institute periodically organized International Conferences that have aroused great interest in scholars and practitioners, and more frequently Seminars, Workshops and other scholarly meetings, with the aim of diffusing and discussing with specialists in the sector the results of personal research. Some videos about conferences are available.

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