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ITTIG - Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques
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The Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques (ITTIG) belongs to the Italian National Research Council. Born as the Institute for Legal Documentation (IDG) in 1968 it adopted its present name in 2002. ITTIG conducts research in the field of legal informatics and information technology law.
The Institute operates in continuous interaction with the academic and scientific world for the study and applied research regarding the relationship between law and legal science and information and communications technologies.
The Institute also works closely with public administrations on topics related to e-government. It produces and distributes legal databases and make specialized software and tools for legal information online dissemination and for the interoperability of government data.

New: Informatica e diritto: n. 2/2013
New: "Informatica e diritto" Journal: call for papers Law, Language and Information Technology
New: "Informatica e diritto" Journal: free access at the full text of 1975-2009 issues
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ITTIG publications complimentary copies
* DoGi Database: no. 4/2014 (July-August); + 2.015 docs
* DoGi Database - Collective works : September 2014; 548 docs
* VIPD Databases: May 2014; 12470 docc.
* "Law Libraries in Italy" Guide: March 2014