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Law and Disability

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The first decision of the ''UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities'' is available in the database ''VIPDg - Case Law (in Italian language)''. According to english standards it is ''jurisprudence''. According to italian standards it has to be remarked it is not case law.

  • Databases of provisions for independent living of people with disabilities:

    • VIPDd - Legal literature (2437 documents; in Italian language)
    • VIPDe - Documents of European Union and of other European Organizations (188 documents; in Italian language)
    • VIPDg - Case Law (7549 documents; in Italian/English language)
    • VIPDi - Documents of the International Organizations (13 documents; in Italian/English language)
    • VIPDn - National Rules (1480 documents; in Italian language)
    • VIPDr - Regional Legislation (92 documents; in Italian language)
    • Global search (in Italian language)
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