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What it is

The DoGi database, born in 1969, is, in the Italian national context, one of the most relevant sources for online research of legal literature. The DoGi initative fits into the research area Dissemination of legal information.
The database provides abstracts of articles published in more than 250 Italian periodicals.

  • Coverage: from 1970 (analytics prepared in 1970-73 are to be considered as experimental)
  • Corpus of analytics: At the moment about 260 Italian periodicals are indexed, but documents in the database refer to more than 400 periodicals
  • Analytics of: legal literature - periodical articles, comment on cases, commentaries to statutes, conference papers, book reviews
  • Database size: 476.836 DoGi documents (update July-August 2021) + 47.506 ToCs (update 15th September 2021)
  • Updating bimonthly
  • Annual increase: 13.000 DoGi documents

Documentary features

Documentary items: 2 types

  • DoGi document:
    • Bibliographic record of articles
    • For documents belonging to elettronic periodicals, full text URL
    • Abstract, prepared by ITTIG, outlining the topics covered and opinions claimed by the author
    • One or more classification codes identifying the subject assigned, using an analytical, hierarchical scheme
    • References to the significant statutes and cases' sources as referred to in the article
  • ToC document:
    • Brief bibliographic details of articles

By using the command browse list, users can identify TOC items, containing only brief bibliographic elements, with no link to the full record; by choosing List of indexed periodicals, status and holdings of analytics, TOCs are presented in a dark background portion of the screen.

Technical features
  • Data format: Relational (MySQL)
  • Transport format: XML
  • Indexing engine: Swish-E

Access conditions to the database

DoGi is freely available online at www.ittig.cnr.it/dogi, with the only limitation of 200 documents visualized per day.

The database is also distributed by subscription through InfoLeges, in charge of the integration of the DoGi data in Infoleges information retrieval system.

Access modalities
  • Fields searching

    The searching modalities reflect the analytical structure of documentary DoGi records.

    Searches on fields and sub fields are combined by the AND operator.

    The system allows the following:

    • launch searches within the whole documentary record: entering bibliographic elements, type (comments on cases, commentaries to statutes...), words in the abstracts or summaries, sources, classification
    • use Boolean operators AND (default), OR and NOT
    • truncate words by using an asterisk (*)
    • search by exact phrase (as well as truncation)(p.e. "serviz* social*")
    • select the maximum number of found documents or of displayable documents in a page
    • choose the sorting criteria of results: chronological descending order (default) or ascending, alphabetical filing of author/editor name

    Through the browse list it is possible to view one DoGi document at a time, or choose and display the selected items.

    ToCs are not further displayable.

    • Browsing

      • Authors and editors: it is possible to search authors and editors. From author/editor browse list it is possible to reach the author documents and to know about the distribution of author articles by periodicals
      • Classification: it is possible
        1. to examine the classification system used for indexing articles published until 1999 and the classification now in use (for indexing articles published from 2000); a search can be launched, retrieving documents classified with the selected notation
        2. to search classification items by words
        3. to browse dynamic KWOC indexes
      • Indexed periodicals: it is allowed to browse the list of legal periodicals from the link "Periodicals" at the link. By clicking on the title of the periodical, the following information is provided:
        1. examine the status and amount of analytics;
        2. access to the bibliographic record of the indexed periodical, enhanced with details on the legal area covered by the review;
        3. be informed on the availability of the review by Italian libraries through the automatic connection to ACNP catalogue (National Union catalogue of periodicals).

Additional functions
  • Retrieval of the full-text of Italian legislation through links to the free-access Normattiva
  • Retrieval of the full-text of (numerate) cases of Corte costituzionale through links to the free-access Court official site
  • Retrieval of the full-text of European legal texts through links to CELEX database
  • Retrieval of sentences of European Court of Human Rights through links to HUDOC database
  • Three different citation styles of each contribution (APA, MLA, DoGi format) for writing a bibliography
  • Link to Google Scholar: this functionality allows to display the search results of the contribution (exact title) on Google Scholar
  • Interoperability with NILDE (Network Inter-Library Document Exchange) for document delivery service
  • For every last updating, it is provided:
    • the new issues
    • the topics
    • the juridical sources' comments
  • Nuovo Soggettario: interoperability between "Nuovo soggettario" items and DoGi classification items

ongoing projects
  • Multilingual access to the DoGi database
  • Enhanced access to the database: legislative and jurisprudential sources lists
  • Implementation of the OAI protocol to gain interoperability with external legal resources and adoption of Dublin Core (DC) metadata format for Dogi records
  • Experimentation activities for the application of standards such as Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and Serial Item and Contribution Identifier (SICI)
  • Building pathfinders based on users' profiles and on specific law topics

Cooperative activities

Supporting public bodies
DoGi-Dottrina Giuridica
Online bimonthly database (ISSN 2240-7448)
Via dei Barucci 20 - 50127 Florence, Italy
Ph. +39 055 43995; fax +39 055 4399605
e-mail: elisabetta.marinaiATigsg.cnr.it