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Research project

Norme in Rete [Laws on Line]

Responsible: Costantino Ciampi


The initiative is moving in the direction of encouraging transparency and accessibility to legal information for ordinary citizens.

The objective is to create an Internet site that constitutes unified access point to all the legislative documentation published on web sites by Italian institutional bodies: this will have an efficient but user-friendly retrieval system and a unified access point through which it will be possible to retrieve legislation and measures of a regulatory nature free of charge and without the need for assistance.

In this way, the NiR Project aims at providing a tool that will enable the citizen to exercise his or her right to information and at the same time will enable the institution to fulfill its obligation to provide access.


In 2002 NiR verified the technical and organizational feasibility of to building a new portal type web service for legal information for the use of the public, the public administration and legal practitioners.

Its primary function is to provide a single access point for the retrieval of legal documents available on-line in public institutional websites beginning with community, state and regional laws.

Laws on Line is not a new centralized database, but rather a service-guide, for users to access editing sites that originally publish the information required.

The NiR portal also provides a series of access typologies such as links to specific services for the public and professionals who are expected to apply the various legal regulations (fulfillment guides, official forms, legislative notices etc.).

At the end of the second phase the Project has witnessed significant developments and has created new products:

  • A new operational vertical portal prototype accessible on the Internet, completely new in its graphic style and structure, that allows basic searches on a part of the legal documentation already available on P.A, internet sites, has been created.
    The new portal differs from the first prototype in at least three ways:
    • The quantity of documents in the collection.
    • Qualitative improvement of the functions offered.
    • New information systems.
  • A continuing collaboration in the activities of the Portal's drafting.
  • An advanced development of the NiR standards:
    • DTD for regulations.
    • URN uniform name to identify legal documents.

In December 2001 the main documents produced up to this date were published in a special issue of the "Informatica e diritto" journal.


Simona Binazzi
Manola Cherubini
Costantino Ciampi
Sebastiano Faro
Elisabetta Marinai
Pierluigi Spinosa
Fabrizio Turchi


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