Informatica e diritto, XX Annata, Vol. III, 1994, n. 2, pp. 307-316

Ronald W. Staudt, Rosemary Shiels

Hypertext for Law Students: A Preliminary Report on Computer Law on Disk, 2.0

L'ipertesto per gli studenti di legge: un rapporto preliminare su Computer Law on Disk, 2.0"

Sommario: 1. Introduction. 1.1 Computer Law Course. 1.2. Objectives of the electronic casebook. 2. Flexible Contents: Tools for Faculty to Create the Exact Readings in the Precise Order Desired on a Very Short Schedule. 3. Easy Notetaking: Seamless Notctaking Before During and After Class within the Course Materials. 4. Highlighting: the Ability to Mark Text for Emphasis Using Color or Shading. 5. Synthesis: Automatic or Semi-automatic Tools for Linking and Summarizing the Course. 6. Collaboration: Communication and Groupware Tools. 6.1. Effectiveness. 7. Conclusion.

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