Informatica e diritto, XXXIX Annata, Vol. XXII, 2013, n. 2, pp. 7-18

Gianpaolo Maria Ruotolo

The Impact of the Internet on International Law: Nomos without Earth?

L'impatto di Internet nel diritto internazionale: "nomos" senza terra?

Within the international legal framework for the governance of the Internet there is a great centrality of non-state actors, if compared to other sectors of the international legal order, and also, at the same time, the diminished importance of the principle of territoriality, one of the cornerstones of the international legal order itself. The A. analyses the impact of the advent and the widespread diffusion of Net not only on the content of the legal rules governing the relations between States, but also on basic mechanisms by which a complex body as the international legal order as a whole works.

Sommario: 1. International Law and the Internet: An Heuristic Approach. - 2. The Way Internet Has Influenced Production, Application and Enforcement Phases of International Law. - 3. The Actors of International Legal Order after the Web. - 4. International Law and Domestic Legal Orders: The Persuasive Approach and the Circulation of Information. - 5. Public International Law for the Net: "Nomos" without Earth? Concluding Remarks.

In tema di: Disciplina giuridica di diritto internazionale e Internet. Analisi delle conseguenze prodotte dalla diffusione della Rete a livello globale sul contenuto delle norme giuridiche che regolano i rapporti tra Stati e sui meccanismi di base attraverso cui un ordinamento complesso quale quello internazionale opera.

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