Informatica e diritto, XX Annata, Vol. III, 1994, n. 2, pp. 261-272

Gerald Quirchmayr, Roland Traunmueller, Wolfgang Bauer

Hyper REASONER: An Example of the Integration of Hypermedia and Expert System Technology

Hyper Reasoner: un esempio di integrazione tra ipermedia e tecnologia dei sistemi esperti

Sommario: 1. Introduction. 2. The System Concept. 2.1. The user interface of HyperReasoner. 2.2. The knowledge engineering paradigm of HyperReasoner. 3. Results of the Prototype Development and First Tests. 4. Modelling Regulations of Regional Development Law. 4.1. The formal model. 4.2. The application to regional development programs (taken from [Baaz et al. 1993]). 5. Constructing the Rule Base. 6. Conclusion. References.

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