Informatica e diritto, XX Annata, Vol. III, 1994, n. 2, pp. 211-234

Ettore Pietrosanti, Paolo Mussetto, Gianni Marchignoli

NaviLex: Search and Navigation in a Semi-automatic Content Acquisition Legal Hypertext

NaviLex: ricerca e navigazione in un ipertesto per l'acquisizione semiautomatica di contenuti giuridici

Sommario: 1. Introduction. 2. Fundamental Components of Legal Documents; A Reference Model for the Structural, Conceptual and Functional Dimensions. 2.1. The structural dimension. 2.2. Providing a functional context for the conceptual dimension: modelling the norm-kernel and definitions as functional schemata. 2.3. Bask search and navigation functions over the reference model. 2.4. Other hypertext retrieval models. 2.5. Linguistic took for the semi-automatic acquisition of the reference model components. 3. The Navilex Prototype: A Book Metaphor for Navigating in a Legal Hypertext. 3.1. Outline of the prototype functions. 3.2. Example of user session. 3.2.1. Cross-reference navigation environment. 3.2.2. Functional context-aided conceptual search. 4. Conclusions and Future Research. References.

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