Informatica e diritto, XX Annata, Vol. III, 1994, n. 2, pp. 47-77

Marc Nanard, Jocelyne Nanard

Hypertext as a tool for information gardening for legal applications

Ipertesto come strumento per l'informazione relativa alle applicazioni giuridiche

Sommario: 1. Assisting Information Gardening. 2. The Hypertext paradigm Revisited. 2.1. What is the essence of hypertexts?. 2.2. Metaphors shaping information management in hypertext systems. 2.2.1. Information mining. 2.2.2. Information manufacturing. 2.2.3. Information gardening/farming. Understanding the metaphor. Information gardening un practice. 2.3. A functional view of the hypertext paradigm. 2.4. Interest of the functional view of hypertext for information gardening. 3. The state of information Gardening with Some Hypertext Systems. 3.1. Information gardening as knowledge elicitation. 3.1.1. Help information structuring is not enough. 3.1.2. Represent informal structures but also support encapsulation or processing. 3.1.3. Handle complex but also computable and freely specified knowledge structures. 3.2. The role of the user interface in information gardening. 3.3. Key points for information gardening. 4. Mac Web and Information Gardening. 4.1. Overview of MacWeh hypertext engine. 4.2. Concepts and interaction for structure elicitation. 4.2.1. Factual description of information. 4.2.2. From an informal to a formal structure. 4.2.3. Specifying structure dynamic semantics. 4.2.4. Reuse by inheritance and overriding. 4.2.5. Conclusion. 4.3. The role of the spatial metaphor for interaction directness and structure perceptibility. 4.4. Computation on the hypertext network. 4.4 1. Actions on the hypertext network. 4.4.2. Actions dedicated to document production.

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