Informatica e diritto, XX Annata, Vol. III, 1994, n. 2, pp. 149-175

Vijay Mital, Anthony D. Elliman

Document Assembly and Evidence Analysis: Two Approaches to Hypertext

Composizione del documento e analisi delle prove: due approcci all'ipertesto

Sommario: 1. Introduction. 2. Document Assembly. 2.1. Knowledge-based template systems. 2.2. Limitations of the knowledge-based approach. 3. Using Multiple, Independent Precedents in Document Assembly. 3.1. The problem of distinguishing text units sharing a common vocabulary.3.2. User-reliant informational retrieval. 4. HyperNotary: an intelligent Brief-bank. 4.1. Controlling the complexity of linkages. 4.2. Basic information structures in HyperNotary. 4.3. Example: the usually follows link. 5. Hypertext links with strong actions. 6. Evidence Analysis in Litigation Support Systems. 7. Inter-document links in empower. 7.1. Contextual document links. 7.2. Document process links. 7.3. Presentation of inter-document links. 8. Links Between Concepts and Documents. 9. Issues for discussion. 9.1. Multiple document hypertext. 9.2. Minimising disorientation within hyperspace. 9.3. Customisation in a multi-user environment. 9.4. Active links. References.

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