Informatica e diritto, XXXVII Annata, Vol. XX, 2011, n. 1-2, pp. 371-388

Valerio Lubello

L'Open Government negli Stati Uniti d'America tra il Freedom of Information Act e il bazar

Open Government in the United States of America, between Freedom of Information Act and the "bazar"

Abstract: The paper deals with the Open Government memoranda and their impact on the Freedom of Information Act. From a synchronical point of view it analyzes the double nature of the Open Government memoranda in the United States: first, they represent an interpretative key through which the Freedom of Information Act becomes more "open", and at the same time they acknowledge that there is a new way to share information between the administration and the citizens. The paper underlines the historical aspects of the Freedom of Information Act, its amendments and how they have influenced the Federal Information Policy through the years. It also briefly describes the three memoranda adopted by the Obama Administration: their effects on the activity of federal agencies and their impulse to platforms such as, and

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