Informatica e diritto, XIX Annata, Vol. II, 1993, n. 2, pp. 149-164

Jaap C. Hage, Maarten van der Meulen, Georges Span

Intelligent information retrieval from multiple databases

Reperimento intelligente dell'informazione da banche dati multiple

Sommario: 1. Introduction. 2. Information objects. 2.1. The purpose of having information objects. 2.2. Types of information objects. 2.3. Compound and elementary objects. 3. The information network. 3.1. Link types. 3.2. The role of concepts. 4. Information retrieval from the network. 4.1. Browsing through the network. 4.2. Filters. 4.3. Queries. 4.4. Relevance feedback and the weight of links. 4.5. Entries into the network. 5. User models. 5.1. The role-related model. 5.1.1. Role-related models in search. 5.2. The individualized model. 5.3. How the user models relate to each other. 6. The roles of knowledge in information networks. 6.1. Two roles. 6 2. The cooperative approach of man-machine interaction. 7. Summary. References.

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