Informatica e diritto, XXXII Annata, Vol. XV, 2006, n. 2, pp. 75-90

Sebastiano Faro, Roberta Nannucci

A pan-European service disseminating national case law: the Caselex project

Un servizio pan-europeo per la diffusione della giurisprudenza nazionale: il progetto Caselex

Sommario: 1. Public sector information (PSI). 2. Case law as an essential source of PSI. 3. The Caselex project. 4. Building the system. 4.1. Understanding the needs and potential of the market. 4.2. Assessing the technological and legal barriers. 4.3. Creating the content repository. 4.4. Implementing the service. 4.5. Disseminating and exploiting the service. 5. The Caselex service. 5.1. System design. 5.2. User experience. 6. Conclusions.

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