Informatica e diritto, XVII Annata, Vol. XVII, 1991, n. 1-3, pp. 227-247

Elio Fameli, Roberta Nannucci, Rosa Maria Di Giorgi

Expert systems and databases: a prototype in environmental law

Sistemi esperti e banche dati: un prototipo n el campo del diritto dell'ambiente

Sommario: 1. Objectives and Features of the Project. - 2. Environmental Data Banks. - 3. Regulatory Framework and System Domain. - 4. The Shell - 4.1. Features; 4.2. Knowledge Base Structure; 4.3. System-user Dialogue. - 5. Expert System and Data Base Interaction; 5.1. The Relational Model; 5.2. Database Organization and Content; 5.3. Description of the Procedure.

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