Informatica e diritto, XVIII Annata, Vol. I, 1992, n. 1-2, pp. 141-150

Isabella D'Elia

The use of computers and new information technologies in the Italžan Public Administration. Institutional and functional aspects

L'uso dei computer e le nuove tecnologie dell'informazione nella Pubblica Amministrazione italiana. Aspetti istituzionale e funzionali

Sommario: 1. General Frame of Reference - 2. Institutional Coordination - 2.1. The establishment and implementation of the Department of Public Organization within thŤ framework of the reform of thŤ Office of the Prime Minister - 2.2. ISTAT's role in the promotion and development of computerization within the framework of the reform of the national statistical system - 3. Coordinating Public Initiatives for Automation - 3.1. Methods and forms of coordination and preliminary organizational tools of the Department of Public Organization - 3.2. The connection and interconnection of public computer systems. Guidelines for standardizing documents, technologies and directives for the organization and operation of the bureaus of Statistics.

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