Informatica e diritto, XXXVII Annata, Vol. XX, 2011, n. 1-2, pp. 239-262

Maria Concetta De Vivo, Alberto Polzonetti, Pietro Tapanelli

Open Data, Business Intelligence e Governance nella Pubblica Amministrazione

Open Data, Business Intelligence and Governance in the Public Administration

English Abstract: The Open Data is not well appreciated in Italy, even if it is a great resource for the citizen. There is a lack of understanding of the positive effects in the open dissemination of data. Many organizations collect a large amount of data and different types of data in order to carry out their duties. Public action by the Government is particularly significant in this regard. These data are public by law and may be open and available to everyone. This study examines the relationship between: Open Data and Public Service, Open Data and Trusting, Open Data and Accessibility. Practical examples and their regulatory framework are studied.

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